Friday 11/5: BUILD TARGET @ The Hub

Local noiserock outfit Build Target will be stopping by The Hub in Sacramento on Friday night, and so should you. Formed in Spring of 2009 between four friends and fellow UC Davis students, Build Target has recorded two EPs and played a number of shows in the Davis-Sacramento area with other such damnable troublemakers as Captions, El Camino Real, and Horace Raymond & the Gnarly Cactus.This Friday, the boisterous boys will be joined by two groups of fellow racketeers: Grave Babies, from Seattle, WA, and Warm Climate, who befittingly hail from Los Angeles. The Hub can be found at 1819 23rd St. in Sacramento CA; not to be confused with The Hub on 47th St., which can provide you with cheap drinks and the lively company of local drunks, but not Build Target.

Recently, Build Target played a one-hour showcase on UC Davis' renown student-run radio station, KDVS 90.3 FM. Scope this footage for "Ghost in the Driver." Those are some radio-friendly faces if I've ever seen them, boys.

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